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Blue Diode Authors

I thought I'd add a page listing all Blue Diode authors in alphabetical order, with links to their collections, which may make it easier to find people and books as the imprint grows.

The Authors

Juana Adcock:

Split (2019)

Tessa Berring:

Bitten Hair (2019)

Annie Brechin:

The Mouth of Eulalie (2022)

Milan Děžinský:

A Secret Life (2021)

Georgi Gill:

LIMBO (2021)

Olivia Hodgson:

The Calls (2022)

Andy Jackson:

The Saints Are Coming (2020)

Tess Jolly:

Breakfast at the Origami Cafe (2020)

Allie Kerper:

Pale Hairs Reach Between Us (2021)

edited by Rob A. Mackenzie & Louise Peterkin:

The 'Spark' Anthology (2018)

Paul Malgrati

Poèmes Écossais (2022) - (print version)

Poèmes Écossais (2022) - (digital EPUB version)

nicky melville:

Decade of Cu ts (2021)

Jake Morris-Campbell:

Corrigenda for Costafine Town (2021)

Lauren Pope:

Always Erase (2022)