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After many years publishing work in pamphlets, installations and small press collections – often in very limited editions – at last, a bumper Selected of 232 pages gathers poems from Scotland's favourite underground provocateur. It's time to (re-)discover the skewed wit and wisdom of nicky melville: startling, satirical and defiantly serious.



“Innovation is not simply copying previously innovative practice, but finding different ways of doing things. Nicky Melville shows us the way forward.”

—Tom Jenks (zimZilla), on ALERT STATE IS HEIGHTENED


“Tom Raworth once wrote that ‘80 percent prefer chips to poetry’. He could’ve been writing about cats, dogs, chefs or kids, but clearly those surveyed, alas, hadn’t read the poetry of nicky melville. This much-anticipated ‘new and selected’ is top tier snack box stuff for surviving a Decade of Cu ts. Through erasure, collage and prickly lyric, melville tracks the sinister language games, coincidences and contradictions within political, institutional and corporate discourse. Channelling the ambience of everyday life — from ABBA to ASDA — this book is a ‘BUG HUM’ of relentless attention, love poems and fail poems, precarity and community. Here, poetry is deep-fried, spliced and caressed, heavy salted, ghosted, shared, brought in from the cold.”

— Maria Sledmere, author of neutral milky halo (Guillemot Press)

Decade of Cu ts by nicky melville (ISBN: 9781916405158)

  • apisodes

    7. Passengers

    it’s all
    end of the world this
    end of the world that
    ‘s all you hear
    these days

    these days

    we are all in this tog

    wake up
                 you said it


    take a break
    from worrying
    about what
    you can’t con

    give me a coffee
    and a view
    of the Chrysler building
    and I can write all day

    tog ether
    we’ll be O

    enjoy your coffee

  • nicky (nick-e) melville is a poet, creative writing teacher, musician and occasional artist. For over twenty years, he has been developing a range of peripheral and small press publications in a variety of forms and genres: found poetry and erasures, visual poetry, lyric experiment, conceptual and post-conceptual writing, and a badge. His work takes aim at and interrogates the imperatives of capitalism, politics and ideology. melville’s first book, selections and dissections (Otoliths Press, 2010) is a collection of visual poetry and his most recent book, ABBODIES COLD : SPECTRE (Sad Press, 2020), explores the neoliberal and fascist elements of Brexit through the lens of ABBA songs, aliens and James Bond. He makes music as Fuck This – . The catalogue of his installation DOLE can be seen at

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