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ISBN:  9781 9164051 27


Juana Adcock’s Split begins with a conversation between a woman and a snake and ends with thirteen voices affirming the vitality, difficulty and necessity of attuned communication. These poems question where we might find fulfilment, power and hope, and it turns out that’s rarely where we’ve been taught they exist. Split is at once playful, philosophical, angry, nuanced and ultimately transformative. 


Split is the Poetry Book Society Choice for Winter, 2019, and was Highly Commended in the 2020 Forward  Poetry Prizes.


Juana Adcock's Split is one of the most exciting debuts I've ever read. Formally and linguistically innovative, Adcock's poetic dialogues expand the terms of lyric address to interrogate language itself. Here we find both violence and desire at the level of the word, upending the rootedness of power with tremendous skill and captivating authority. – Sandeep Parmar


Juana Adcock’s dazzling collection is a lyrical exploration of the intersection between Mexican myths, cultural displacements and language in the context of personal and political interrogations. Split fiercely questions notions of translingualism, the female body and what it means to transcend history and ancestry. Her poetry moves between Mexico, Scotland and beyond, and speaks with an urgency and nuance that is unique in the Latinx poetry world. – Leo Boix


“When asked why she decided to stay here the birlin traveller responded:/ it’s the way people speak” “Words are such good travellers/ they pick up meanings as they go.” Two quotations from the many spinning in my head after the first dip into the gorgeous richness and muliplicity of the exhilarating territory that is Juana Adcock’s work. Doppelgangers and doubles are nothing to the possessor of the 'Seven Poet Selves'. Here is sharp specificity, humour, daring. These poems rock. They sing." – Liz Lochhead

Split by Juana Adcock (ISBN:  9781 9164051 27)

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  • The Task of the Translator

    Hold the concept
    as a dear hand
    learn its scars, its temperature
    the parts hardened by work
    the weight with which
    it will lead, or be led.

    One day: try
    words on
    one after the other
    like rings;

    another day: the first
    ring chosen
    a perfect fit:

    how joyfully
    the metal glints
    for having found
    printed on skin
    by lack of sun
    a band, as if the ring

    had been there
    all along

  • Juana Adcock is a Mexican-born, Scotland-based, bilingual poet and translator. Her Spanish poetry collection Manca (Fondo Editorial Tierra Adentro, 2014) was named by Reforma’s distinguished critic Sergio González Rodríguez as one of the best poetry books published in 2014. Split is Juana’s first full collection of poems written in English.

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