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Two London Readings: Spark Poetry Anthology

Muriel Spark’s centenary year may be over but her novels still exist and, more than ever, ought to be more widely read. She is a distinctive and subtle voice. The books are all very different from one another, but all stem from a uniquely identifiable sensibility.

So, Blue Diode Press is beginning 2019 by taking the Spark anthology on the road again, with two dates in London. The anthology features 44 of the most interesting poets on the planet making their own poetic responses to Spark’s novels (2 poets for each of the 22 books). You can buy it here for £10 online (worth every penny, I promise) - - and at either of the London events. A selection of the 44 poets will be taking part in these:

Friday 18 January, 7pm, Poetry Café, 22 Betterton Street, London, WC2H 9BX.

Sunday 20 January, 7.30pm, Torriano Meeting House, Kentish Town, London, 99 Torriano Ave, London NW5 2RX

The events will be quite different in nature, and I hope we get a good crowd at both of them. Please come along if you can!

The Poetry Café will feature about 14 readers. They will read their own poem from the anthology and there should be time for just a few of them to read another poem to give a sense of its range.

At the Torriano, the readers will be editors Rob A. Mackenzie and Lousie Peterkin and also Lisa Kelly and Anna Selby who feature in the anthology. They will read a selection of poems from the book and a short selection of other poems of their own.

The line-up at the Poetry Café will be:

Simon Barraclough Dzifa Benson Lily Blacksell Judy Brown Matthew Caley Rishi Dastidar Sasha Dugdale Lisa Kelly Joanne Limburg Rob A. Mackenzie Drew Milne Louise Peterkin Richard Price Anna Selby

That’s an amazing line-up for any reading anywhere! And it’s free. Come along and tell your friends. And if you read the poems and feel you just have to read every Muriel Spark novel in succession afterwards, we will have done our job well.

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